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2 days Hands-on workshop Certification Course

Foot and Knee Mobilisation and Manipulation Techniques

Covered Topics:- Day1 (25/11/2022)

Foot Mobilisation Techniques Level 1

Theory and practical workshops include:

• Presentation

• Workshop: (hands on) With each technique, we are going to look at clinical clues, indicators, objectives, setup, and action

1-Talar Glide

2-Fibula Glide

3-Posterior Talar Mobilisation : Thumbs

4-Posterior Talar Mobilisation : Body Weight

5-Beam Mobilisation

6-Navicular Mobilisation

7-Cuneiforms Mobilisation

8-Cuboid Mobilisation

9-Sesamoids Mobilisation

10-2 5 MTPJs & IPJs Mobilisation



Foot & Knee Workshop

Covered Topics:- Day2 (26/11/2022)

Foot Manipulation Techniques Level 2

1-STJ Anterior Calcaneal Manip

2-Talar Gapping

3-Lateral Navicular Thrust

4-Cuneiform 1st Metatarsal Mobilisation & Release

5-Cuboid Black Snake Whip

6-MTPJs 2 5 Releases

7-1st Metatarsal Base Release

8-Cuneiforms Plantar Cuneiform

9-Cuboid Supine Release Manipulations


1-Fibula Head Proximal Release A

2-Fibula Head Proximal Release B

3-Proximal Tibia Release

Rehab Exercises recommendations

Instructed By

Mr. Abdulrhman Saleh,

MSK&FMT Specialist Podiatrist, Member of the Royal College of Podiatry, Member of Health and care professions council, UK.