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Hands-on workshop

Instrumented Soft Tissue Mobilization

8 hours Hands-on workshop Certification Course

Covered Topics:-

• Detection of collagenous scar tissue

• Appropriate application pressures

• Realign collagenous scar tissue

• Precautions for treatment

• Indications for treatment

• Contra indications for treatment

• Multiplane release techniques

• Multiplane / 3D load techniques

• Specific multiplane applications for the Lower Quarter

• Specific multiplane applications for the Upper Quarter

• Specific multiplane applications for the spine

• To measure the quantitative changes of 3D ISTM

• To enhance function and performance



(ISTM Course)

Instructed By

Gary Lang,

Dynamic Release Therapy, USA

Gary Lang is a retired professor of Kinesiology and Sports Medicine from Foothill College in California As an Orthopedic Manual Therapist and Athletic Trainer, his experience in practical hands-on rehabilitation, injury care, and prevention including performance enhancement span 3 decades Gary served as the co-head Athletic Trainer for the United States Track Field team for nearly 20 years including multiple National Championships, World Cups, and World Championships including 3 Olympic Games Gary managed USA Gymnastics Visa National Championships, as well as Pacific Rim International Gymnastics Championships Gary, invented ISTM and

designed 3 stainless steel instruments to release collagenous restrictions and was awarded the United States Patent