Dr Efthimios J Kouloulas is a graduate from the Medical Department of the Hellenic Military School of Officers Corps and the Medical School of the Aristotel University of Thessaloniki as well. He has followed a post graduate residency in the medical specialty of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. On 2014, Dr Kouloulas received his PhD degree in the Medical School of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has been trained on the chronic pain management in the Center of Pain Management of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago USA. On 2016, Dr Kouloulas was nominated as a Senior Fellow of European Board of PMR. On 2019, Dr Kouloulas obtained his European Diploma in Pain Medicine becoming a Pain specialist. Dr Kouloulas disposes experience over 22 years in the medical services with 12 years out of the 22 as a skilled rehabilitation doctor (physiatrist), becoming an expert on each fold of knowledge and innovative technology of rehabilitation medicine. At the present time, Dr Kouloulas as the Medical Director of the Physiatriki Rehabilitation Unit and the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of the IASO General Hospital of Thessaly leads with his ideas and applications the interdisciplinary pain management program, pioneer rehabilitation services on the field of sports injuries and spasticity management, neuro-rehabilitation and regenerative rehabilitation.

Dr. Cristina Staub studied neurophysiology and linguistics after her physiotherapy education in order to know more about the effects of (nonverbal) communication in the treatment success and additionally completed educations in performing and analysing polysomnography. She showed in her dissertation that the standard therapy of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the positive airway pressure (PAP), cannot always be successful because of Bernoulli's law of aerodynamics and different side effects. Since more than 30% of the population suffer from some sleep disorders (mainly insomnia and OSA), often without optimal treatments, she is looking for individual alternative solutions, doing research about those, and applying them in practice. She also gives courses for affected people as well as therapists, regularly in an interdisciplinary cooperation with occupational therapists. She is co-author of the Swiss concept for the integration of sleep in the treatment fields of physical and occupational therapists and holds lectures about this neglected topic at international conferences. She is the delegate of Switzerland in the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Mental Health (IOPTMH) and a board member of the Swiss mental health group (SAG PPP), arranging professional exchange and providing subject-specific brochures.

Dr.  Dario Furnari is working as a Sports Director, Research Methods of Rehabilitation, Neuroscientist at England Netball Haslemere. He studied PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Columbia University in the City of New York. He studied Physiotherapy - Exercise Physiology - Psychology at West Virginia University.